CX Assessments

Path Velocity uncovers new customer insights and business priorities with assessments of your customer experience, your customer intelligence, and how you stack up to competitors.

CX Assessments

Customer Experience Assessment

An objective assessment of your customers’ current experiences, their expectations, and overall satisfaction levels with your company and its employees, products, services, and brands.

Customer Intelligence Assessment

An audit of your 1st party customer data, in-house customer knowledge, and 3rd party data. Identifies new customer personas/segments using insights into customer needs, behaviors and more.

Competitive CX Assessment

An evaluation of how your customer experiences and related touchpoints, content, and processes stack up to those of key competitors, industry/category benchmarks, and overall CX best practices.

CX Assets & Capabilities Assessment

An analysis of your existing customer messaging, customer content, marketing technology, and service capabilities. Includes an assessment of CX related operational processes and practices.

CX Leaders achieve 5.1x the revenue growth of CX Laggards.