Advent of the Voice Shelf

With the growth of Digital Voice Assistants including Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Home, companies and brands need to start the process of developing and implementing what could be called their “digital voice strategy.” Just as companies had to create merchandising strategies to own shelf space in physical stores, and when they developed search and SEO strategies to own space on SERPs, they now need a strategic plan to own space on the evolving “voice shelf.” Unlike prior environments, this virtual shelf is being created in real-time as digital assistants and their algorithms provide audio answers to consumers’ verbal searches and questions regarding which products to buy and use. As these new digital touchpoints continue to grow in popularity, the companies and brands that execute a proactive voice shelf strategy will create a new competitive advantage and benefit from enhanced consumer visibility – or should I say hear-ability?  Here is a great article from Adage with a deeper look at this evolving consumer touchpoint.

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