The impact of Amazon Key for home services

You might have seen the recent news regarding Amazon’s announcement of its home delivery service named Amazon Key. After buying and installing a smart lock and camera kit from Amazon, when an order is delivered the smart lock first verifies the driver is at the right address, unlocks the door, and then video tapes the delivery inside the house. This, of course, raises a lot of questions and concerns across a variety of issues including liability, security, etc.

But I think this is the beginning of a new era of home-related services that will be monitored and verified remotely using digital technology. At some point in the future homeowners and renters will feel confident in letting approved and verified service personal perform repairs and other services within their homes and apartments, all while they are away at work or doing other more important things. Amazon, as it’s done in other business processes, is laying the groundwork and gaining key learnings on how this approach for home-related services will work best for consumers — the least of which is home delivery. It will be interesting to see if Amazon dominates this category along with all the others it’s currently pursuing.

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